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MAZMA Technologies is the leading merchant of digitalization, economic and financial inclusion in Morocco and francophone Africa

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About MAZMA Technologies

Mazma Technologies is a group of companies operating in the field of solution integration and service management in the field of electronic distribution payment and service aggregation. He is an international player offering both back-end & front-end technologies & solutions, in line with all global standards in terms of transactional security, personal data management and compliance.

Mazma Technologies has been established in the Middle East for a few years and has gradually taken a leading position in the mobile top-up market, thanks to its original solutions based on dematerialization and the possibility of acquiring these top-ups via any electronic terminal.
Thanks to the know-how of our teams, six solutions are made available to the customer to allow him to recharge and never be short of communication credit.

Our Partners

Our Platform

MAZMA is the leading merchant of digitalization, economic and financial inclusion in Morocco and Francophone Africa

MAZMA Technologies

Why us?

MAZMA provides mobile telecom operators and other service providers with new distribution and payment options for their products and services (prepaid mobile phone top ups, utilities bills, government taxes, transportation tickets, insurance and telecom subscriptions) via:

  • Modern Points (gas stations, supermarket chains,...).
  • Electronic cash Registers (ECR).
  • Traditional Trade Networks through their Point of Sales (POS) terminals.

Total Transaction Volume


Withdrawn E-Vouchers


Points of Sale

Our Services

MAZMA Technologies is one of the first players to offer Full-stack digital solutions for e-distribution, payment and cash in/out services to mass consumers through:


Major Telecom Operators


Media & Entertainment prepaid services


Energy providers


Government Tax Authority & Social Security Fund


Microcredit Institution, Postal Group & Mobile Money

Our Expertise

MAZMA Technologies is positioned as a Technology platform that brings high added value to retailers and distribution networks by providing a wide range of digitalized services through partnerships with service providers. Our expertise is based on 4 business lines:

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Digital Services
Digital Services Aggregation
MAZMA is driven by continiously acquiring new services that it integrates directly and aggregates within its technological platform.
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Digital Services
Digital Services Distribution
MAZMA offers all the aggregated services on a single MAZMA Terminal making them reachable and available.
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Merchant Network
Merchant Network Management
MAZMA manages Electronic Cash collection and trade marketing efforts.
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Multi-Channel Payment
MAZMA offers an inclusive multi-channel approach by providing a solution that is compatible with all types of payment methods.
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Scoring & Financing
Scoring & Financing Services
MAZMA will provide financing and BNPL services for the merchants and end users

Our Value and DNA


We anticipate, research, develop and pilot innovative solutions for our customers and their end users.

Partnership Spirit

We constantly want to provide better services. We are driven by high performance, continuous improvement and operational efficiency. We make every effort to exceed our customers' expectations, focusing on building a lasting partnership.


We are fully dedicated to the long-term success and development of our clients and committed to provide them with quality and measurable results.


We love what we do. We are dedicated to the success of our customers and employees. We make every effort to improve our performance.